Monday, December 3, 2012

My Dishes Are Cleaner Than Your Dishes

Yesterday I got December started off right. Saturday, I didn't realize November was over, so Sunday was kind of the first day of the month for me. Since the November Training Log looked a little like November never happened I have a lot of work to do this December.

November? 2012

I was up early for my first Mountain Bike ride of the season. It was a cool foggy morning, beautiful, if not a little eerie outside. The parking lot was jam packed with eager riders, it was like a festival of Mountain Biking. Everyone was so friendly and stoked to be out there. I love this lifestyle we lead.

We rode a solid 10 miles through the state park. I had forgotten how fun it was to cruise up and down the hills and through the mud, using your body to navigate the turns while trying desperately not to go head first into any unsuspecting trees.  I am still riding on the stock pedals of the bike which makes it a little more annoying tackling the hills. I need to be clipped in so I have pull and not just push adding a little more power and speed to my ride. I'm thinking I may have to wait for Santa to come before I can upgrade the little beast, until then I am happy to work with what I have.
When we started the ride I told myself I would do a short run afterwards. But when we finished the ride I told myself it was a little too soon to be doubling. Actually I was like, "hell no, there is no way I am going back out there. Dead, I'm dead. I'm so out of shape." I'm glad I listened, I'm a bit sore today and can only imagine how I would have felt if I had forced a run afterwards. The next ride, however, I will not be so easy on myself.

The work out was great and a good start to my comeback, but it isn't what made my day a true Sunday Funday. The woods, mud, and little jumps here and there contributed don't get me wrong, but the real fun began when I got home.

As soon as I opened up my refrigerator upon arriving home I contemplated having a beer as my recovery drink.  How could I ignore the last Long Trail Black Berry Wheat sitting there front and center between the cottage cheese and the eggs? Well at that point it was only 11am and the Jets were on at 1 therefore I was going to need to save the drinking for whatever the Jets were going to put me through that afternoon. So I settled for coffee and cottage cheese.

After a bit of surfing the internet and laziness, I thought I'd run the dishwasher before I left for Mom's to watch the game. My intentions were good. I thought it was a great idea, if I wasn't a complete idiot when it comes to running dishwashers. Where do you put the soap?
Well wherever I put the soap I think it was a bit overkill. I finished showering and came back out into the kitchen to find the kitchen floor looking a bit sudsy.

The suds just kept coming. All I could do was sit there and wait for the cycle to finish.

Clearly it was time for that beer. I babysat the dishwasher until it finally made its way to the drying mode, cleaned up the suds finished the beer and headed out the door hoping it wouldn't give out one last blast of sudsy betrayal. Zoe, all the while slept in the farthest corner of the couch. She wanted nothing to do with spewing household appliances. Pitbulls,FYI are gigantic wimps, if it makes noise and it doesn't usually make noise, look out you are getting a pit bull on your lap.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Jets won. There were no more suds on the floor when I returned home, and oh and I stumbled upon this bad boy on the way home.

All in all a good day. Mountain biking, exploding dishwashers and frozen yogurt. I have some really clean and sparkly dishes now. And I've learned that there's nothing wrong with being an overachiever. Used too much soap? No big deal, it cleaned the dishes did it not? I'll just make sure to bring a towel and a beer next time I decide to over achieve and run the dishwasher.

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