Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Out With The Old and Water Logged

Today I received some cool presents in the mail. Thanks to BLACK FRIDAY I treated myself to some sweet cheap replacements of things I have recently lost due to a certain superstorm that I do not name on this blog.

The old rusted snowboard is out, taking its place is a brand new board, new bindings, a helmet and goggles. They say things can always be replaced, I say yeah, as long as you can find sweet deals on Black Friday. I have to say I am very lucky that I only lost things and I suppose I am spoiling myself a little bit with these replacements. Oh well, Merry Christmas to me!

As for training I took yesterday off to recover from the sudden mountain biking shock to my body. Today I went out for a nice easy 5 miles with my running buddy Rich, only with the promise that he would take it easy on me. I was happy to find that I improved even from the last 5 miler, by about 10 seconds a mile faster. I have to remind myself that it is baby steps. It is a hard pill to swallow when just a few months ago I was a whole minute to two minutes fasert a mile than where I am now. The lungs are getting back into it very slowly and recovery is a bit tough after the work outs, but I know I will get back to where I was and become even better. I just have to put in the work.

As a side note: I have to add that todays run was after a breakfast of two eggs and bacon with a side of coffee and a chocolate rasberry rocate. Turned out to be a pretty good pre run meal. I love the Roctane before almost every run, it gives me that quick little boost that I need to stay positive through the run. That's right I said positive, not just strong and energetic throughout the run, it is more of a mental boost I'm looking for.

To get back on the subject of out with the old in with the new, the old Newton Gravitys need replacing desperately. The left side of my left shoe is worn down to the "bones." Can you say supination? They have 500 miles on them now. I know that they are meant for more mileage than that, but the body is saying no to more mileage and yes to fresh shoes for the roads. My dilemma however, is I did just get myself a few too many "presents" to justify a new pair. The Newton Distance will be my go to for now, they still have that familar spring to them and will last me a while longer until I decide to "spring" for new ones. Ha ha Sorry.

The 5 miles is all I have in the books for today. I wanted to keep it easy as tomorrow is going to be a tough work out day. We are starting the winter indoor cycle sessions again tomorrow night after group run from the store. These always prove to be challenging and exhausting. There will be lots of flinging of insults, yelling, and sweating. On many occasions I have found myself a broken girl by the end of the hour and a half. It is one of my favorite things about this time of year. I look forward to the beatings that it becomes every week from now until the spring flowers bloom.

I'm sure I will have a colorful update on the first session by Thursday.

Until then I'll leave you with Vinnie pre-indoor cycle beating.

I'll have a post beating picture for everyone Thursday.

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