Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trainer Season

This morning I put in a solid 50 minutes on the indoor trainer. 

There was a mini hurricane outside all night and morning. I felt I had to put an excuse out there for everyone. They are calling for snow on Saturday as well, so I guess this means it is officially trainer season. 

It was a difficult session. I'm used to living in a house, so the whole time I was paranoid the neighbors downstairs were going to start banging on my door. I tried to be quiet, unless I was sprinting through the commercials, but it still seemed a little loud. That being said, I got through the whole work out with no complaints so maybe they had left for work already. Not so sure they would care either way, there has been an empty beer bottle on their patio since we moved in, which to me means they aren't particularly uptight people. 

Notice the bored dog in the corner. She judges me when I ride inside. I can just see her saying "wussy."

No Sufferfest video today, I just went with my own program. I call it sprint through the commercial breaks. Love those long commercial breaks Good Morning America, thank you so much for that. 
I rode, and Zoe did her best impression of a human while watching longingly out the window.

Now is where I admit that I'm guilty of taking the last two days off, again, to enjoy the holidays. A lot of family time and dinner with friends, but now it is time to get back to work. Trainer this morning, gym tonight for an easy treadmill run and some abs. I am quite proud of myself at the moment. I was originally going out with a friend for dinner tonight before we go see the HOBBIT, but I chose to hit the gym before the movie instead. Since I slacked off the last two days I knew I would feel better if I got a double in today. But I'm still proud of myself. I can't believe that I chose the gym over food and beer. I'm giving myself a little pat on the back right now. When I start making these kinds of choices you know I'm starting to get serious about training. 

We are still going to see The Hobbit tonight, it is one of my favorite books. Can't wait for this movie, no matter how long it is, and I'm sure it is at least 12 hours long. 

Can I sneak some beer into the theater? Just kidding mom. 

This was in my stocking this year (thanks mom!) A little Hobbit lego set to get me in the spirit. Expect to hear my thoughts on the movie tomorrow, and a report on the best way to sneak beer into the theater. Kidding. Sort of. 

Wish me luck on surviving my Mountain Bike ride tomorrow with minimal launching myself over the handle bars. 

Are you going to see the Hobbit? 

Any other good movies out right now?


  1. I love The Hobbit, but I am nervous to see the movie. The books and the other movies are so good, and I hear this new one isn't up to snuff. I get so disappointed if something doesn't live up to expectations, so I don't want to be let down. I think this is why JJ Abrams turned down the Star Wars gig.

    Great Job getting back into things after the holiday! I can't wait for my healing to be done! I am planning to just hit the weights next week at least, but I miss running soooo much.

    1. Go see it. If anything it was entertaining and the action was great!! The movies never do the books justice but this comes close!!