Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not Really Nutrition 101

 I have an announcement to make, I think I'm back. I've had enough of this slacking off. Yesterday was the start of our winter indoor training sessions, which can be very unprofessional in set-up, but very wicked and deadly in terms of a work out. Since yesterday was our first one of the season we went easy, just an hour ride, with some of us running before hand. I began the going easy part on the run. I ran two miles. Yes I repeat, I ran just 2 miles and called it quits. I'm not pleased with myself. However, in my own defense, I am just starting back and I felt no need to go with a full run before a grueling hour of high cadence and certain people yelling at me about being a girly girl and other not so tame names. I can't list these names here because I'm sure my mother is reading this. Hi mom!

I prepared myself for the double work out with some carb loading. Not because I needed to carbload for it, but because I was hungry and craving blueberry pancakes. I never claimed, and will never claim to have the best diet, and no one should ask me for nutrition advice. I change my nutrition stance more often than I change my sports bra. Ew no that isn't true, but you get the picture. The pancakes were pretty amazing, Blueberry lemon dream or something to that effect, from the Turning point.

By the time the group was ready to run I was hungry again, no surprise, and I downed a chocolate raspberry gu just before take-off. So, so far today, pancakes and gu, I was good and carb loaded. Two miles done and in the bank than it was time to set up the trainers and start the banter and and whining. Mostly it was "oh we are so out of shape, we have to go easy." But once we started going everyone pretty much fell in and worked hard. Me? I was steadfast on my laziness. I admittedly did not work terribly hard like I normally would. I did not enter the pain cave once. For those of you who are unfamilar with the pain cave please see one of my favorite definitions.

The below picture tells it like it is, I messed around the entire time like a bored kid in the back of class. Don't get me wrong, I got in a pretty good work out. I sweat my butt off, I just didn't take it as serious as I usually do. Goofing off was just what I needed, some fun to get me back into the groove and make me not despise this sport.

It was good to be back with my team of Misfits. I think we all genuinely needed some messing around. Next week, I promise you, we will do some butt-kicking to get us ready for the season, it will be a different story.

My favorite part of the night was when I went home to the beer that was eagerly waiting for me, or was I eagerly waiting for it? Either way, I was well aware I didn't exactly earn it, but I was celebrating the return of my motivation, and my rejuvenation. Here's hoping it continues...

Today was a day off, which I spent working and cooking a huge meal that would last me a few lunches and dinners. I might add this cooking process into tomorrows blog, it will be exhilarating... no really. Tomorrow will be gym, mountain biking, and running. Next week I plan on making my return to the pool. I can feel the positive energy flowing and I'm looking forward to all the hard work ahead of me.

 Does anyone else feel like they need some sillieness and down right laziness before kicking it up into high gear?


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