Saturday, December 22, 2012

My First New Year's Resolution

I don't have much to report, and I'm not sorry for it one bit. I took the last two days off from working out, and I needed it. The legs were begging for some recovery time, and a cold was threatening to put me out much longer. Tomorrow, I hope to reunite myself with my mountain bike and running shoes and see how the lungs handle it. The only thing I can say is that I've had some food, and I've had some beer.

What am I five? Peanut butter and jelly and a big glass of milk, sometimes this just hits the spot. And tonight:
You know you work in a running store when, you are drinking your beer out of a SuperFeet pint glass and opened it with a Saucony bottle opener. My little vacation is over, tomorrow it is back to "work." My favorite kind of work. 

One good thing that came out of this time off is I took time to relax and sort things out in my head a bit. One thing I did come up with is a New Year's Resolution. This is something I have never had, and I have never believed in. But this year has been a real doozie. I think 2013 calls for a big goal other than my races. Quick back story: a few years ago I was working on a novel (my degree is in creative writing) and I had about 5 notebooks filled with this little book I was working on. But with work and life getting in the way I lost faith in it and stored it away. In the back of my head I always hoped to go back to it, and maybe type it out onto an actual computer. But when the hurricane came, this little dream of mine that lived in the bottom of my desk was destroyed by the flood and left for the trash. I felt like part of me was torn away, this little piece of hopes and dreams, my little future in five notebooks. So I have made a vow to myself, I am going to start that book over, and by January 1st 2014 I'm going to have it done. And not just hand written in 5 star spiral notebooks, I'm going to have it typed up and SAVED. So there it is, my new year's resolution, or just my new goal to get that little piece of me back. I'm going to go get to work on it now, before it is time for bed and a early morning of training. 

What is everyones New Year's Resolutions?  

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