Friday, November 30, 2012

Do Something

"Energy flows where attention goes." - Taneo Sands Kumalae

This is one of my favorite quotes. I find myself scribbling it in notebooks whenever I am beginning to get lazy or lose focus.

This morning I focused on my run, or at least getting out for a run, once I was out there I thought about everything but the run. Like how much goose poop there was out there today, and do you think a limo company could be more successful with weddings if they offered a wrap with the couples pictures on the side of their bus/limo? Would that be too time consuming/expensive?

Anyway, I managed to squeeze out my first 5 miler in awhile.

I wore the Newton Distance, one of the few that survived the flood, and one of my favorites. They are a little bit short but the cushioning is still great and I felt solid, and very slow. The Distance had been my race shoe over the summer and I bought them short knowing I would wear them without socks, so they are snug with my Swiftwicks on. Notice my fancy ankle socks, little bit dorky looking in that picture, probably in person too. I'm okay with that.

My attention right now is on getting back into running shape so that a 5 miler doesn't seem like such a chore. But in the spirit of multi tasking I also want to ride my bike, which I have found very little time for lately. It doesn't matter road or mountain, I just want to ride bikes, fast. Then run fast. Then combine it. On some roads or trails or both at the same time. Let the energy flow.
I figured I'd throw this picture in for S's and G's. Rich and I were in the middle of a brutal 80 miler up near Bear Mountain, NY. Hardest ride for me so far, I'm sure there will be plenty more, but seriously that ride made me a pathetic crying little girl. It broke me down. Before the crying began however, we stumbled upon the Appalachian Trail, my second home, see my trail journals if you haven't heard me talking about it to exhaustion already. If you have, I apologize, I make reference to my thru-hike more than I should, or anyone should have to deal with.  At that moment I was wishing for a mountain bike (which I have) and a pair of Pearl Izumi W X-ALP ENDURO II (which I don't have), but I think they are pretty sweet. Hint hint Santa. Sorry, I'm doubling the blog as my Christmas list. This picture shows best how I have a problem on focusing on any one thing at a time. So does this paragraph for that matter... sheesh.
Now I'm still toying with the idea of the 50 mile run to start the season off (horrible idea), but the important stuff isn't until April. Here's what I'm thinking for 2013 (all very good ideas unlike the above mentioned 50 miler).
1. April 28th:
2. May 19th Red Bank Olympic or Black Bear Tri
3. July 21st Jersey State Tri
4. August 19th:
Anything else between or after will be a game time decision. I signed up officially for Timberman this morning. That's doing something. Now go do something.
Get the energy flowing.


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