Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If You Are a Triathlete You Might Be Hungry

First off I'll get the workouts out of the way, they have been slow the past two days. I ran 3 miles on the stupid treadmill last night at the gym and topped it off with lifting focusing on upper body. If I can get myself to be more of a regular at the gym again I will probably start my old routine of bi's/back one day, shoulders another day, and chest/tri to end the week, with legs thrown in there on another day. But for now it is kind of a jumbled mess of "what should I do next". That way of training needs to stop.

This morning I ran 6 miles with Rich and boy did I feel bad for him, I was creepin'. The legs had no go in them and the brain had even less. I'm hoping that tomorrow the go is back and a hard mountain bike in the morning will wake me up again.

I did get a fantastic delivery yesterday. My new MTB pedals! They are cheap little guys, kind of heavy, but they will do for my amateur butt! Can't wait for the shoes to come so I can test it all out.

Now, for the real point of this post. I've found myself eating a lot more the last few days. My workouts have become more frequent and a little bit harder. Suddenly I have a insatiable appetite. For example: I ate a pretty big lunch from Shaka which is a wonderful little Hawiian Taco place, chicken tacos and chips and salsa. Usually this fills me past the point I should be full, and I end up feeling bloated the rest of the day. Today, it did nothing for me. I found myself thinking about food for the rest of the afternoon. Which brought me to a container of cottage cheese, a few pieces of beef jerky and a spoonful of peanut butter... yeah I have a strange appetite/diet. So, to squelch this hunger I have to get back to making my favorite meal, the one that will last me a few lunches and dinners, and perhaps a few breakfasts. It's easy, basically you just open your cabinet and put a bunch of stuff you find inside in a frying pan.

I'll give you guys a quick rundown, not really because any of you are interested, but because I want to talk about food, I'm hungry.

I start with ground turkey or chicken breast and dump it in a frying pan. Add lots of salt, pepper and whatever else you can find. I like celery salt, A LOT of garlic, and onion powder, oh and more garlic (powder form and chopped pieces). Once it is all browned up add tomatoes and beans. Let that simmer, add more spices. Since I add so much salt to everything I try to buy canned foods with no salt added.

I usually throw a bag of frozen broccoli in the microwave than into the pot. Mix it all up, and cook some pasta on the side. I usually go with gluten free pasta just because I love the taste of it, and I figure it might be better for me (but what do I know?). Once the pasta is done mix it into the pan with the rest of the concoction. Did I mention you need a big pan for this? Add more spices. And you are done. This thing feeds you in little servings and keeps you full for awhile. I'm not really sure if it's good for you, it is loaded with carbs, but a lot of protein too.

Finally, eat some, with a beer, or water or espresso. It goes well with anything. Add eggs if you want to have it for breakfast. Can I recommend over easy right on top? So good.

Don't start expecting recipes from me, this is the only thing I make. I'm a creature of habit. 

This is definitely being made tonight since I can't stop thinking about food.

What is everyone's favorite meal while training? I know when I am training hard I get stuck on certain foods, probably what my body is craving for nutrients. Last season it was peanut butter and jelly, this year it might be bacon and eggs.

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