Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm In The Now

Rain and Mountain Biking make for one awesome morning experience. There is really nothing better to get a day started than getting dirty. Another 10 miles in the woods was logged yesterday, a rainy, muddy, slippery good time. Cannot wait to get those pedals off and get some clipless pedals under my feet. Can you say more power?

I also logged my first work out in Strava yesterday. This is a cool little app for cyclists. It is now clear how people get super competitive with it. As soon as I was done I could see how fast I rode the trail and certain sections of it compared to other riders in my area. They instantly list the female riders and my place amongst them. I was 5th in both categories. As soon as I saw that, I wanted to ride right back into the woods and do it again. My brain was like "you could have done better, you should have been paying more attention out there and going hard, weenie." Yeah I'm not going to get addicted to this little Strava game at all.

Soaked to the bone from the rain, and cold from the air I had to take a shower as soon as I got home, before running to the gym. I felt silly showering before the gym, but I was freezing. The gym was just how I like it, nice and quiet with only a few folks working out. I hit the treadmill for a mile warm-up than did arms and abs. It was nice to be back, lifting weights, listening to rap music on the iphone. Normally, when at home or in the car I'm playing country music, and when I'm running I don't listen to music. But when I'm lifting I can't listen to country or anything else, for some reason it's rap that gets me going. The lyrics are usually very raw and emotional, if you listen to the right stuff it will get the energy flowing and make you want to work out like a beast.

Anyone have any weightlifting music recommendations?


The calendar is filling up for the month of December, running, biking and lifting are on the board. I just have to work swimming back in and I will get back to feeling like a triathlete. I'm starting to feel that October and November are officially behind me and I no longer have to dwell on what I am not doing, I am in the now and I am out there getting it done.

This afternoon I will run. I plan on keeping it nice and easy in a attempt to release some of the soreness in my muscles from yesterday's work outs. It's now Sunday, and the run never happened last night. I guess I am not as out there getting it done as I thought, but life happens once in awhile. I'm going to leave in a few minutes for a run, we are out of coffee here, so I might as well not hang around too long... Nothing will happen before I take Zoe for a walk however, she is staring at me as I write this.

Have a good Sunday everyone. Go Jets.


  1. I want a bike so bad! I cannot wait for the day that I can compete in triathlons, but I just don't have the money. Maybe someday. Your experience riding sounds like an absolute blast.

    I mix up my lifting/running music depending on my mood. Sometimes I don't listen to anything. Sometimes I even watch a movie. I just go with what moves me that day. Rap certainly makes the list, but Korn radio on Pandora can really be me through some tough miles.

    1. Korn I never thought of that! They'd be a great band to lift to!