Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Analyzing December's Efforts

Yesterday I began the New Year off just as expected, hungover and with a 36 mile bike ride. The ride was cold, not too cold, but annoyingly cold. I don't usually stop on bike rides of that length, but when I ride with the adventurer and the wind makes your fingers and toes numb, a stop is inevitable. Around 18 miles we saw a very familiar red glow ahead of us on the road, gas prices began to form from what only could be one store, Wawa. If you are from New Jersey you know and love Wawa. So it was here, among the mud covered tires of farm vehicles and hung over out-of-towner's, we parked the bikes and warmed our tummies. We got a lot of looks too. When everyone is in Jeans and boots and you are in tights and funny shoes, people tend to stare. The adventurer is used to this, me I try to look as cool as possible so they think maybe I am someone very important doing very important things. 

The Adventurer's bike just finished a cross country trek, it looks so solid compared to Rhonda.

With a twinge of shame I will confess that I had hot chocolate AND a hot dog. The triathlete in my was screaming that this wasn't proper nutrition for a ride, but I shushed it and explained that I was with the Adventurer and when you are with her you eat crap and have fun. Sometimes with her, you even sing while riding along, very UN-triathlete of me. However, I'll point out that the Adventurer had a yogurt, so there goes my excuse for eating crappy. The hot dog was amazing, and the Hot Chocolate pure sugar, all enough to trick my mind into thinking it was warm again. 

New year, new month and 36 miles of riding in the books. Good thing I didn't make any dieting resolutions, hot dog for lunch and last night I had left over chips and dip plus brownies and ice cream. Today, for lunch, I again with a tinge of shame, will admit I had more chips and dip. I don't like to waste food, if it is there I am going to eat it so it doesn't go to waste. I also had mashed potatoes and eggs for breakfast, and err... maybe a brownie. Ok two brownies. Wow, I'm horrible, but I'm not sorry. Not one bit. In fact I ate another brownie just now to prove how not sorry I am. 

In healthier news, since December was my first month back to real training, I sat down and analyzed my efforts for the month. And by analyzed I mean sat down and counted up all the mileage for mountain biking, road biking, and running and scoffed at myself for how many days I took off. I used a calculator of course, I've failed every math test I've ever taken... and they let me graduate College. That is a true story. 

Running: 51.5 miles
Mountain Biking: 82 miles
Road Biking: 73 miles

No swimming for me yet, that needed to change like yesterday. Perhaps I will pay the pool a visit tomorrow and see if I remember how to swim. What I really hate seeing is the 51.5 miles running for the month when I used to run that a week. When I see things like that I have to remind myself I've been taking it slow and building it back, it is all for a reason. Still there is a little voice inside my head screaming "Go run 20 miles! Come on just do it! Lazy!" 

One thing I am happy with is the MTB mileage, I didn't expect to get in that much riding. I don't suppose my body expected it either, I'm a bit beat up. My bike is also caked in mud, one of these days I'll wash her off. I'm so anal about my road bike being clean, but I let my mountain bike remain dirty without a care in the world about it. That is the difference between the triathlete and the adventurer sides of me, one is type A and one is "Don't give a..." 

Tonight there is a workout on the table, but I'm not going to speak about it until after it is completed. I have found that when I post what I am going to do it never actually gets done. I'm superstitious now about this and will try not to say anything of future work outs until they have happened. We are going to run than spin... shhh.

Hope everyone had an awesome New Year's Eve and Day! And I really hope everyone is well on their way to kicking 2013's ass!

As for me I am going to spend the rest of the day playing with Lego's...

While eating left overs of course. 

Did you get a work out in on the first day of the new year? 

Does anyone else have strange superstitions? Another I will admit to... when I see 666 somewhere during the day, clocks, checks, mileage... I am paranoid for the rest of the day. For no reason, there is no story behind it, it just makes me feel off. Paranoid much?


  1. That adventurer sounds pretty damn cool. Though, she's an elitist and can bike 100 miles without stopping for food, or even oxygen. She rises above.

  2. Sometimes you just need a hot dog... Though, I am not sure a convenience store is the place for it ;)

    I love reading about a triathletes training! You guys have to be so smart with your time.

    1. You should try Wawa's hot dogs you might change your mind! Hope your knee is healing!