Monday, January 21, 2013

A Bit About Hydration

It's Monday and it's back to winter again. 

Not complaining mind you, I'm a big fan of the cold and I would love a good snowstorm. Hint Hint mother nature. Where's the snow? 

The topic of hydration has been on my mind a lot the last few days. Saturday I had raging calf cramps the entire day. I mean raging raging, like someone had their hands around my leg twisting with all their strength. I was cursing and mumbling under my breath like a little old man the whole day. It wasn't fun. On the run it felt fine, it actually made it feel better, like I was stretching it out. But before and after it was quite annoying. I knew, and my running partners confirmed, that it was probably an electrolyte imbalance. Too much coffee and beer, not enough H2O. 

I didn't consider myself in full training mode yet, so I wasn't giving my hydration much thought. After Saturday's misery it is all I'm thinking about. I'm back to my old ways. First you have the jug that comes with me all day long: 

This is the key to staying hydrated, as long as I finish one of these bad boys off a day I know I'm ok. But then you also have the coconut water, just because it is so good and so good for you:

Post work outs or during long bike rides I tend to hit the protein. If it is a hard lifting session there is a lot of protein involved, and maybe some fruit in there somewhere. After long rides or runs I take Accelerade and mix it with unflavored Protein powder and water for a quick recovery drink with all the right ingredients for a speedy return.

So I'm back on the hydration and recovery bus. Two more weeks until training becomes structured and awesome. 

Do you know what isn't awesome? 

This post, it's so boring. 

I blame it on the fact that I reheated my coffee from this morning and continued drinking it while writing. That is the same cup of coffee lasting from 10AM to 3PM. I blame said cup of coffee because usually I drink it cold once it has gone old, today I heated it up. I'll stick to cold old coffee...

It threw me off my game. Sorry folks. 

What is your hydrator of choice? Do you add Protein Powder after hard sessions?


  1. I generally just drink water. To be honest, I don't really cramp, so I do it just because I know I have to. I also drink my protein powder post-run or workout with milk because it tastes nasty in water. I also like to add a banana.

    1. I never had a cramping problem until Saturday. Ugh. Old age! Haha

  2. protein powder post run with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and kale. You inspired me to try to drink a gallon of water. Seriously, you finish one of those jugs in a day? I better invest in diapers if that is true. Today I'm going to try it. Stop me?

    1. Ha I try! Be prepared to be in the bathroom a lot!