Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lance Armstrong! Just Kidding.

I have nothing to say about the whole Lance Armstrong ordeal, but if you would like to read about it I suggest you read Jordan Rapp's blog, or Lauren Fleshman's post. Two great Professional Athletes who have something to say about it. 

If you don't want to get too serious, and/or you are damn sick of this Lance nonsense then I suggest you watch this and put your mind at ease: 

There there, cat videos make everything better. 

Ok got that out of the way, now on to more pressing issues. I've been really lazy. Two days of no working out, it's really bad. Today I locked in my February, March and April training plan leading up to my first race in April. This should get my butt in gear. Cut down on the beer, build up the training and make sure to get enough sleep. It will be a tough few months. Train, work, write, eat, sleep... repeat. My favorite kind of days. 

I do have to mention that Wednesday night's spin gave me a good dose of ass whooping.

I blamed it when I was experiencing an extreme case of laziness Thursday and umm... Friday. My legs were trashed from running, leg work out and the spin class. I made sure to go out and get all the essentials for fighting off getting sick since I felt pretty destroyed. 

My personal home remedy: Eat the bananas, slice up the oranges and float them in the Blue Moon, but don't count on it to fight off any laziness. I didn't get sick, but I was still feeling pretty beat up well into Friday. Here it is Saturday and I'm finally feeling back to my old self hoping for an easy 4 mile run with a few friends tonight to get me back in the groove. 4 mile run done, feeling good.  

I believe that my exhaustion is some serious mental fatigue from my head spinning 24 hours a day with ideas for this silly book I'm working on. 

I may only give it an hour a day physically, but mentally it is draining me. I'm hoping the training plan beginning in February motivates me a bit and gives my mind a break. The more I have to focus on the more energy I have. If I'm focused on the same thing everyday all day it begins to zap me. I'm looking forward to February 4th and a set plan of action. Until then it is still playtime. If I want to run I run, if I want to beat myself up on the trails on the MTB I do it, if I want to swim (which I rarely do) I go swim (and really I don't ever just feel like swimming.) I'm a total land dweller. Give me mountains and forest over oceans and beaches. I'm still not totally convinced there can't be sharks in pools... I watch out for them just in case. But mountains, there are no sharks in the mountains. Just bears and mountain lions, pretty sure I can handle them. Sharks I can't handle. 

And of course, Cabin porn has it's time and place in my life and discovering awesome new people like this guy: 

Universal Klister

Looks like I'll be adding a new bike to the want list. 

Today's lesson: Forget about Lance Armstrong, watch funny cat videos and do awesome things like riding bikes over frozen rivers. Every day. 

Run is done, time to get back to work on the book. With this guy:


  1. Cutting down on the beer sounds like a terrible idea; those are essential carbohydrates!

  2. Love me some cat fight. lol. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow that home remedy looks really, really good!