Monday, January 14, 2013

"Rip it, roll it, and punch it." -Squirt

Well, I did it. After 3 months of avoiding the pool that I used to visit so diligently every other morning at 5 am, I finally stopped making excuses and whining about darkness and cold and going to bed too late, and got my ass out of bed and went. Wow that was a long sentence, I think I'll keep it that way. The most impressive part of the whole experience was that my alarm didn't even have to go off. Like clockwork, my eyes shot open at 4:15 am and that was all she wrote. I was up, the dog peed and ate, and I was off to the pool. Freakin' incredible if you ask me. 

What wasn't incredible was my performance at the pool. I likened it to that of a sea turtle, only to do a little research online and find out that sea turtles are damn fast. Not only are they fast, they don't actually swim... what? Yeah, that's right, I was not aware of this. Did we learn this in biology? They actually float on underwater currents. When I read this it all made sense, I mean I guess I did learn this during the movie Finding Nemo. It just didn't register. Am I the only one? 

"Rip it. Roll it. And punch it." Remember, wise words by Squirt. 

So I can't compare myself to a sea turtle, they are a little too rad for me. Let's just say I was slow, and it felt awkward. I will never take that long of a break from swimming again, I've given my word to myself. Of course, I had to take a nap after too. I'm guessing sea turtles don't need naps... 

Last week was a good break for adventures and no Triathlon training, but I'm happy to be back at it this week. Tonight I'm going to spin it out on the trainer for an hour or so. I know I'm not supposed to write about what work out I'm going to do before I do it... but what the heck... rip it, roll it and punch it. 

Who doesn't love Finding Nemo? 

Seriously, if you hate it... well I just don't know what's wrong with you. Go buy a puppy, play with it for an hour, and then try watching it again. 


  1. My favorite line that the poppa turtle says is "Grab shell duuuudeeee!" Love that movie.

  2. What is Finding Nemo? Just kidding. I need to get back in the pool too! Maybe after the marathon.

    1. Warning the first swim will not be fun. Haha