Saturday, January 5, 2013

Learning To Bunny Hop

And other important life lessons I should have picked up when I was 13... Like don't go outside without a jacket on when it's cold out. And don't put anything metal in the microwave...

The title gives it away, I finally can bunny hop. Not just in the parking lot messing around on my bike, but I actually hopped a log yesterday. Only once though. I tried it two other times, because of course I got cocky. The second attempt I stayed up, but saw my life flash before my eyes when my back tire landed behind the log instead of in front of it, stopping me short. The third time my front tire didn't even make it over the log. What was I sleeping? I lifted (so I thought) the tire up hit the log and the frozen dew on it's surface sent my wheel one way and me the other, with my unsuspecting knee leading the way. The ground was frozen. Yeah that was a hard crash. So needless to say I am still learning to Bunny hop. When I was young it was something all my guy friends could do. I could ollie a skateboard, but I never mastered the bunny hop on the bike. Little did I know this was a skill that would have really come in handy when I was 30. They learned it at 13, me I'm learning it at 30. Will I ever grow up? Or is it not about growing up? Am I just still having a damn good time. 

It was another 11 miles on the mountain bike, in the 30 degree morning air that we have now grown accustomed too. The ground was solid with ice and we road pretty fast for our first run of the new year. Then it was home for a mystery lunch that involved cottage cheese and Wegmans tomato sauce. Again not a food blog, so give me a break, I eat whatever is in the fridge. 

This morning I was all amped for a long run. As those of you who follow me on twitter saw, I was excited and ready to run. 

When in reality I was tired and feeling slightly light headed this morning. We did 6 miles, hardly a long run, but I couldn't shake the light headed feeling. I am convinced it is the nutrition and I need to give up eggs in the morning and go back to my peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat. That sandwich never steered me wrong. I also need to stop eating like it's still Christmas and ditch the cookies and whatever else is still in the fridge as left overs. Back to veggies and chicken, most of the time. 

Still taking pictures off the iphone camera, can't pull the trigger on the Gopro, but don't worry Brian when I do I'll be going to my favorite local bike shop

Vermont bound in the morning for 4 days of nothing but snowboarding and beer. Did I say I was going to stop eating like it's Christmas? Oh, I meant that would start next week. I'll be too busy this week. Yeah. 

Who is still in holiday mode? Anyone enjoying any snow sports this week?

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  1. I am slowly getting rid of all the crap around my house, but it is a process. If I were alone, I would be moved on already, but others around me always provide ample culinary enticements. I am already feeling much better though!

    No snow sports for me. I am just gearing up for a training cycle start a week from Monday.