Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gimpy Dog and Owner

Last night's work-out kicked my butt. I felt amazing on the run, a smooth 4 miles without a twinge or a creek. But I felt like my legs were loaded with lead during spin, the lactic acid just wouldn't find it's way out. It was 18 miles of pain and constantly checking the time on my computer wondering when the misery would be over. My blood sugar kept dropping, because as you all know I ate like a giant idiot yesterday, so I had to GU up a couple of times. All of these GUs had their share of caffeine, which led to a horrible nights sleep, again I'm an idiot. Yeah, the nutrition thing, I have to get it right. I need to stop eating like I am in College. Tomorrow maybe. 

With little sleep and a achy body I dragged myself down to the gym for an easy work out on the treadmill and abs. I got a mile in on the treadmill before my hip began moaning and groaning so badly I began to reconsider the run. I thought the smartest thing to do was give it a break and not push through a few more miles. Glad I did, I'm limping now, I don't know how badly I would have been limping if I had done a full run. I did get my ab work out in then dragged my butt back to the apartment to get ready for work. Below is what I found there: 

Notice she is hiding her paw from me. While I was gone she ripped her bandage right off her foot along with the remainder of her pad, which was hanging on by a thread to begin with. Poor baby got it caught in the door the other day, she couldn't wait for me to open it first.  At 7 years old she still hasn't figured out that doors need to open first in order to walk through them. So we are both a little gimpy today. We look funny walking outside together, like we just came from a bar fight and we are trying miserably to make our way home. Every once in awhile Zoe stops and gives me this look:

That is either her "I can't believe you did this to me" look or her "I can't believe you have this crap on my foot I am going to rip it off the second you turn around. Don't take my picture!" look. Sorry Zoe, it is for your own good. Tonight we will both be staying quiet on the couch while watching reruns of NCIS. 

As per my New Year resolution, I am on day two of writing the book and I am enjoying it more than I thought. I'm giving it an hour a day for now, no more and no less, so that I have time for everything else.  

Notice the Aero bottle on my desk, I like to be aerodynamic even when sitting still, you never know when the wind might strike. 

In other news: There might be a Go Pro camera in my possession after tomorrow's mountain bike ride, we will see if I can talk myself into it. And two more days till' I'll be snowboarding all day everyday in Vermont until Thursday. So far 2013 is awesome, save the gimping. 

Do you prefer snowboarding or skiing? Or staying warm inside sipping hot chocolate?

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  1. I know she's a badass pitbull and will still try to rip it off, but try some duct tape around the bandage. It's the only thing that worked with Winston.