Monday, November 26, 2012

Apartment Living and a 50 Mile Run

I have officially marked today as the day my life goes back to normal. Not because I have in fact found normalcy, but because I'm done sitting around feeling turned upside down. The Verizon technician was here today installing our Internet and TV in the new place. He's from Virginia and has been here for 3 weeks helping people like myself get back to normal. I feel spoiled and selfish having him here in my apartment setting me up with simple luxuries while he is far away from his family and home. This is why I am calling a stop to my own "poor me" issue, and declaring myself officially back to normal. It feels great. However, I won't lie I've been helped along by the fact that I will be able to watch reruns of NCIS and SVU on USA again.

Just a month ago a lot of my time was spent browsing the web and drooling over new tri bikes, making plans to save for one this winter. Then "she who will not be named" (to conjour up a little Harry Potter), came to town. They warned us she would and so many of us did not believe, until she had pulled away and we saw what was left in her path.

Saving the bikes I had suddenly became my priority, not saving for the shiny new one I wanted. I found myself in a new world a little like something out of a bad dream.

My little kitchen with my refrigerator taking a nap.

Things were messy for me, but not as messy as so many others, many who are still struggling to get there lives back in order. I was blessed with good family and friends and was able quickly pick up what I could salvage and move on. I am beyond lucky to have moved on to a dream situation, and I remind myself of this every morning. I simply couldn't ask for more.

Since we are coming from a little house all to ourselves, the apartment liftestyle is going to take a little getting used to and I know Zoe misses her yard and all her stray cats. Thankfully we left her wild friends back in the Highlands, but I do hope they are doing well and recovering as best they can like the rest of us. This, however, doesn't mean Zoe will be getting a cat, or a kitten to replace them, sorry to say for her. The pit bull loves her cats, what can I say?

One of Zoe's favorites to chase.
Sorry Wilson. Hope you are getting some good snacks from that old dumpster on Fifth.

Now that my version of normal is back, my thoughts have shifted to training. It's been a month since I've done any decent training and I'm beginning to itch for that life again. I want to rise early and hit the pool at 5AM, ride the bike until the cold forces me inside, and start adding up the running mileage on the dry erase board. As I type this I am coming to the realization that I am going to over train instantly, it's inevitable but acceptable for the time being.

The brand new bike will have to be put on the back burner, and that is ok. I have a new appreciation for the things I have and no longer feel the need for the things I wanted only a short time ago. This new mentality may only last until race season when I'm positive the longing for a Specialized Shiv is going to return with a vengeance. I'm only human afterall and I can't keep from occasionally wanting things I don't actually need. Like a frosted pint glass filled with Long Trail Ale after a long day, or

Sorry I'm getting back to the original point, if there actually is one. It has been awhile since I have been fired up about training, so I need to do something to assure my motivation returns and lingers with me for a good long while, for this I have to get a little crazy.

Enter the 50 mile race. Tri season starts around May so I have some time to kill before then. March seems to be a good time of year to destroy my body and have enough time to recover for the first olympic distance. I've given myself 4 months to get me where I'd like to be. I've been lazy and a complete junk food monster. For example: I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies, a string cheese, and left-over chicken parm for lunch. That might be a fine lunch, if I had just returned from a 80 mile ride, but not after walking the dog for 10 minutes then surfing the internet for a half hour before work. (Warning: I do have the appetite of a 15 year old boy and this wont change.) I'd like to see if I can turn it all around.

No promises on the 50 miler of course. I'm not an idiot. But I may pull it off, just run a lot right? All done while swimming and riding as much as possible. I'll give it a shot. Stay tuned.

And just to prove my life really has gone back to some sort of normal, Rhonda has finally come to her new home and found her spot in the living room. All is right with my world, for the time being.

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